Established in 1999 by Don Li, the Bern-based music label Tonus-Music-Records (TMR) plays a significant role in shaping and promoting the concept of composed and played, reductive music, featuring regularly released artists such as Ania Losinger, Andreas Stahel, Jan Heinke, Kaspar Rast, Katryn Hasler, Marco Repetto, Marcel Zaes, Mats Eser, Mik Keusen, Milind Raikar, NEN, Peter Scherer, Stahlquartett, and Zimoun. The label’s aesthetics revolve around reduction and repetition, combining elements of groove and minimalist music. It is interested in the metrics, interlocking, and balance of rhythmic structures in combination with musical patience and impulse control. TMR values coherence and rarity.