2014 / DISC TOTAL TIME 49:33

Composed by Ania Losinger and Mats Eser
(Except 07, Part 26 by Don Li, arranged by Ania Losinger and Mats Eser)

Ania Losinger – Xala III
Mats Eser – Drums, Percussion

FÚ is a journey. It begins in a droplet and demands that we run, we dance, we not become weary. Thereupon a beautiful rhyme is found. It tells of a play of light without beginning, it rears up in the breath. I stand in the middle, oscillate in ellipses, see a portal glowing, hear sentences, which are verses, that float in the water and bubbles sparkle throughout. Are we hiding? FÚ is tailored to the Xala III. Packed in five cases, loaded onto an aircraft, confident in thirteen sounding boards, celebrated by drum, gong, glass, cymbal and kalimba. FÚ came into being on petal-white paper. From the empty hand comes love. I cover your eyes, friendship arises in the dream. Thirteen unadorned melodies sing your praise. I alone know that I am content.

Carlos Lügstenmann, translated by Sabra Vidali