2009 / DISC TOTAL TIME 60.00

Composed, arranged and produced by Don Li



>> Video: KATRYN HASLER / 11.58

Katryn Hasler - Violin
Don Li - Piano, Accordion, Electronics

„If canorousness is a result of conception, I can enjoy it.“ Don Li

The present composition consists of a simple pattern in 7/4 time whereof the melody is constructed out of extracts, of singular simultaneously appearing notes. 16 repetitions of this metric form make 11.58, a serial of views of the same with slight variations of the instrumentation.

A similar implementation is shown in the documentary collection of the web cam pictures of the most famous mountain in Switzerland. (http://bergbahnen.zermatt.ch/d/web-cam/). Everyday at 11.58 a.m. a fix installed camera in Zermatt photographs the Matterhorn without any art intention. Over the years a collection has emerged showing endless variations of moods signed by weather and season and transform in artistic and undesigned way the radicalness of this setup.

Katryn Hasler / 11.58 unlike other debut releases of young violinists concentrates on conceptual expression rather then virtuosity. The created romantic mood should not deceive over the of electronic music reminding mechanical insistence.
An installation of stoic romantic evolves.

Katryn Hasler, born 1983 in Basel (Switzerland) begins playing the violin at the age of seven. Soon her fascination for minimalist musical concepts arises. 
2008 she gains her degree at the Hochschule für Musik Bern. She studies with Monika Urbaniak, Gabrielle Brunner (Bern, Goetz Richter (Sydney) and Milind Raikar (Bombay). Through the intense preoccupation with electronic music, Minimal Music, north-Indian classical music and the musical concept Tonus-Music Katryn Hasler creates her own ideal of sound.