2014 / DISC TOTAL TIME 51:37

Composed, arranged and produced by Marcel Zaes

Katryn Hasler – Baritone Violin
Florine Juvet – Accordion
Marcel Zaes – Composition, Electronics

Repetitive Electronica with live instruments

YELLOW NEON LETTERS is the second CD of this trio surrounding composer Marcel Zaes. Their previous project, “THE LAST PLACE (LEFT)”, came out in 2011 from Tonus Music Records. YELLOW NEON LETTERS constitutes the consistent continuation of Marcel Zaes‘ idiosyncratic musical style, deliberately avoiding virtuosity and reducing melodiousness. Instead the focus completely digresses to the inner self of the sound and to the complex rhythmics formed by prime numbers. Baritone violin, accordion and sinus sounds all undergo identical electronic processes and mingle to result in a groovy, static texture.